Child Nutrition

Ants on a log

Ants on a log is the perfect snack with its balance of salty and sweet flavors. So fun to make and of course eat, kids love it! Why This Recipe Works The classic ants on a log recipe of celery […]

Feijoa Smoothie

This feijoa smoothie is perfect if you have loads of feijoas on your hands this season! Why This Recipe Works Full of feijoa flavour. Easy & Yummy. Dairy Free. Oh so gloriously green (but doesn’t taste like spinach). Ingredients you […]

Frozen Grapes

Frozen grapes are the easiest snack ever! Healthy and refreshing they are the best cool-down treat for the summer. Why This Recipe Works No added sugar just the goodness of fresh fruit Freezing the grapes increases their sweetness and gives […]

Gluten Free Anzac Biscuits

These gluten-free Anzac biscuits are perfect! All the flavour of the traditional recipe but with no gluten. Anzac biscuits are one of my son’s favourite cookie recipes, since his diagnosis with coeliac disease last year we have been working on […]

Feijoa Cake

Take the feijoas in your backyard to the next level with this Feijoa Cake Recipe. This is an upside-down cake recipe, which means you end up with a delicious layer of feijoa caramel topping a moist cake. Why This Recipe […]

Easter Bunny Tails – A Popcorn Balls Recipe

This Popcorn balls recipes is the perfect combination of sweet salty, crunchy and chewy and even better they look just like bunny tails making them the perfect Easter Treat. Why This Recipe Works Simple and Quick to make Gluten Free, […]

Cheese Straws – Easter Bunny Twists

Puff pastry cheese straws are a delicious two ingredient snack. This bunny twist version of the classic recipe is perfect to serve at Easter celebrations. Why This Recipe Works Simple Two Ingredient recipe Quick to make A fun savory Easter […]

​Apricot Chicken

This easy apricot chicken is so kid friendly with its perfect combination of savoury and sweet. Tender chicken in a yummy sauce with pieces of sweet juicy apricot it is a delicious family meal. Why This Recipe Works Perfect for […]

Creating Nutritious Meals for Children

This should help parents understand the key components of a nutritious meal for children. Ingredients: Instructions: Tips: By following this, parents can create balanced and nutritious meals that support their children’s growth, development, and overall health.

Raspberry Puree

From a simple first food for babies to a delicious sauce you can stir through yogurt or pour over pancakes, raspberry puree with its sweet but tangy flavor is easy and versatile. Why This Recipe Works Only one essential ingredient is needed […]